Tuesday, August 01, 2006

HEAT Wave!

It is hotter than Hades! I am sitting in a towel in my new apartment trying to stay cool. The idea of buying an air conditioner just to get through a few days of extreme weather seems kind of silly to me. I am determined to get through this spell of hot weather with ice, cold drinks, and long naps. It has delayed my plan to paint the kitchen red. For years, I have wanted a red kitchen and I have the primer and paint all ready to go. There is just no way I could stand the fumes or the labor though so I'm going to wait until the weather breaks.
Wackily enough, I live around the corner from Brunsli's cousin Baker. He has the most delicious pastries ever!. I've had the peach croissants and chocolate souffles. Like I said, I'll never lose those extra lbs. going there.
Yesterday, I discovered Fairway and today a place called Garden of Eden with excellent produce. If it weren't so hot, I would either do more exploring or feel more motivated on the job search. As it stands, it's too hot for anything. I have enough food in the refrigerator that I won't be eating out for awhile.
I went today for new eyeglasses and have decided I no longer wish to be a redhead. I haven't donen anything about it yet. Tomorrow is another day.