Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Whoooooo Hooooooo

So only two more days until bilssful unemployment. That's right, boys and girls! In defiance of every economic indicator the Bush administration could muster my way, I boldly, intrepidly, and optimistically insisted on quitting my job. Because I can do better! So there. Already I have a range of options:

1) I may, in fact, sleep the entire month of June. Not likely, but possible. My lack of adequate health insurance coverage has left me with an undiagnosed medical condition whose major symptom is fatigue. Simply put I'm tired and I'm gonna get some rest!

2) I will definitely post more often to my blog. Now that the little office ass-monkey who complained about my posts is gone, I will spend my waking hours composing coherent and hopefully compelling daily missives.

3) I will get in touch with my inner documinatrix. I have a few ideas for projects to shoot and nothing but sweet time to do them. I may even spring for a firewire so I can figure out how to edit my rough footage.

4) I will travel. I've put out a mooch alert warning friends in NYC and DC that their couches are good enough for me. Look out Mid-Atlantic! I'm back.

5) I may work. The laws of dating apply to work. As soon as word was out I had had quit my job, I was offered more work. I'll write about that when it happens.

In other news, Michael Jackson's defense has rested. There's a joke there, but I'm not up for it. I'm only relaying the information for consistency's sake.

This weekend I'm off for R&R.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Wrung out

I have no clue why it's so difficult for me to keep my postings up at a regular pace. I apologize. This is no way to run a railroad.
In general, I am just feeling more reflective and less expressive. I am three weeks away from being professionally unfettered, that's making me feel a little jittery. I am trying to maintain my exercise schedule, with mixed results. I am generally trying to organize my thoughts and figure of a plan for living that I can abide with for awhile.
So the blogging has gone wayward.
It's bit gross, but yesterday a cut a huge gash in the back of my foot. I was trying to drain a blister, but I went too deep and before I knew it I had gone too far. There's no blood, but I'm afraid to wear a closed shoe and worried about dirt getting into the open cut. As soon as I did it, I wondered if I were sabotaging myself. I mean there was no good reason for me too cut across the blister like I did. Maybe I was trying to derail my walking schedule subconsciously. I wonder how often I sabotage myself and in what kind of ways.
I am also having those comatose sleeps I made famous in high school. This time sans doughnuts. Today I was absolutely out of commission for almost two hours. I don't know if this is simply fatigue but it has been cutting into the productivity of my weekends. I burn a lot of daylight with these naps. I have to remember to ask about them when I go to the doctor well as the leg numbness. Tuesday may be my last rip to the doctor for a while. I'll be out of insurance while I search for my new thing.
Since it was Mother's Day my grandmother came over for the afternoon. We had a very pleasant meal.
So now it's 11PM and since I slept this afternoon, I'm still awake. I'm going to give it a shot though. I need to get up early.