Sunday, January 14, 2007

My buddy...

I've finally made the time to figure out how the Blogger functions work. I also reloaded the software for my Treo and downloaded all the photos I carry around. I found one of me and Gram when I brought her back to New Orleans last fall.

I realize my posts have gotten pretty dry without photos...but now that I've figured out how to sync the photos from my Treo and got a new camera (thanks for the subliminal trickery Brunsli!) once again I am promising to do better.

So here's the pictures of Gram and I moments before I sprinted back onto the plane bound back to NYC...You can see why I've been hesitant to post my pictures. In these, I have huge bags under my eyes. I'm not wearing any make up either. But when I saw them again, I had to post them. I love Gram! She was so ready to go home. She had been giving me a hard time for days. I love her expression. She was so determined to get home. That morning we got up extra early and she even carried Sam on her lap while I pushed her wheelchair through the airport. I don't think she gave a second thought to me leaving, she was singly focused on being back home.