Monday, February 04, 2008

Giants win!!

New York City is going bananas right now because the Giants pulled off a fourth quarter win over the Patriots. Pretty cool. I mean it kind of sucks that the Patriots didn't get to finish their perfect season perfectly, but it also sucks that they've been accused of some pretty underhanded tricks like bugging their opponents. It's football, not Al Quaeda. Anyhow. It was definitely fun to watch the 'home' team win. On behalf of New Orleans, I'll take partial credit. I spent my youth watching ol' Archie Manning hang his head in shame after many a Saints game. I was an adult with a voter registration card, a driver's license, and an individual retirement account before the Saints even won a playoff game. But that isn't my point. My point is that Eli and Peyton Manning are from New Orleans, so we helped y'all win. You're welcome.

Postscript-- Slish, you threw a great party! I can't say that I'm going to take your advice and go out alone more often though, because I still worry about the return trip. Once Gov. Spitzer lets me break a fool off, then I will head straight to the nearest dance club confident that no matter how late it is, I'm ok on the train. Until then I'll have to keep to my curfew. But Revival was great, I had never been in that extra room. And I won two rounds of Name That Tune. Nice. What happened to that poor chump who was rooting for the Patriots? His face broke like a cheap mirror.


naadii salaam said...


thanks to you and new orleans! all i really wanted to see was the underdog win! wow! the whole tide of the game changed in the last 2:42 of the game. it was awesome. i can't even imagine how wild and crazy must have been last night, or how shocked the folks in new england were.

woo hoo! go giants!

was it just me or were the commercials kind of lack luster this year? did you have a favorite?

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!! I agree with Naadii, the commercials were Wack!!

Mr.Slish said...

Funny he asked me to throw a b-day party for