Monday, December 05, 2011

My Ro

Exactly a year ago, I lost my little alter ego. She reluctantly came into my life at one transition and quietly left me at another. I wish I could say I was stronger when it was time to let her go. She stayed a bit longer just for me, especially on her last day. But it only made me love her more. I can't really complain about the difficulties life sends my way for very long, because it has also brought me more than my share of true loves. And Ro was definitely near the top of the list.

She couldn't talk. Wouldn't keep a job. Never backed down from stirring up a little trouble. And she made her own rules.

I am very proud that I kept the promise I made to her the first day we met. When I picked her up, I promised I would always take good care of her. I lost her for awhile, but God sent her back to me and we were never apart from then on. At least I thought I was taking care of her, turns out she was taking care of me.

Of everything I lost this year, losing her was the only thing that made me feel lonely...

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