Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fastbreaking News Update

Damn it! I leave my TiVo for a second and look what happens! Star Jones has quit/been forced off The View. I only saw a clip of her statement of the web. Curse it. According to another blog, though she said she would stay on until mid-July, she was asked after the show to leave immediately. Drama! If anybody cares enough, please tell me if she's on tomorrow.
I thought Star had gotten to be a royal pain with her Barbie engagement and fantasy wedding, sheesh. I won't even comment on her choice of spouse...there's a pot for every lid. But to have Barbara Walters hire a woman who has publicly ridiculed you is pretty harsh. Please remember that Barbara Walters did Iyanla Vanzant dirty on a talk show deal as well. And my mother reminds of an apparent hatchet job she did on Diana Ross (I'm too young to remember that). So basically, BW ain't black woman's best friend. Meredith Viera was my favorite and the show went straight to hell as soon as she left. But I feel bad today for's like she didn't even see it coming. Though she should have. Sigh. OK. Back to job-hunting!

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