Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why Am I Not Blogging?

Oh dear friends...why you may be wondering have I not been posting? Well the answer is quite simple. I'm trying to get myself moved and resettled in New York City. It is now July and the anniversary of all this crazy Katrina madness is fast approaching (August 29th). I have vowed that I would be living in my new place and (fingers crossed) working at a new job by the time that date rolls around.
So I have been shuttling back and forth to New York answering job posts and dealing with real estate brokers.
I would love to go out and find a no-broker apartment , but I do not know my way around NYC very well and my usual apartment search methods just don't work for a long-distance search. So I may, with little bitterness, end up paying a broker to help me find an apartment. It will likely be the only time I will ever have to resort to such an option. My hope is to find a new place for me (and Nairobi!) by next Thursday. Uptown Manhattan and Brooklyn seem to be the likeliest of destinations. I am wholly unfamiliar with Queens, so I haven't looked there and Long Island, though lovely, really strikes me as a settled-with-a-minivan kind of option.
My hair is holding up nicely! I've met at least three women interested in Sisterlocks, so I may very likely continue to pursue it as a side venture. Though I think my 'long distance' cell number is a deterrent for some. Sigh. Once I get a New York address, I may well have to get a 'local' cell number to match.
In the meantime, summer is flying by and I am doing my best to enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

how about new jersey?

Anonymous said...


Wait! Don't pay brokers just yet.

1) Check out the list of no-broker buildings at

The list is far from comprehensive, but it's the most complete i've seen. Almost each building mentions the managing company's name and contact info. MANAGING COMPANIES NORMALLY DO NOT CHARGE FEES. I did the same a rented my place like that.

2) What about Craigslist? (Obviously, look for "no fee" listings).

Good luck with job hunting (ditto for Craigslist)!

Anonymous said...

Forgot another thing: for phone #, consider getting a Vonage account (VoIP phone), you can take it with you and have any number you want. I doubt they have any 212's left but 646's - are a-plenty.

Good luck again