Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fully Employed

Well, I know it's been some time. I am pleased to report that I am now fully employed at Urban Ivy. Previously I had been been in that limbo-land called temp status. I was extremely grateful for the arrangement, however. When I first started, I could hardly handle a full time work schedule or responsibilities.
I have been in my new position since last Tuesday. I am absolutely excited about the new opportunity. There are a host of responsibilities-- some drawing on previous experience and some exciting opportunities to learn and grow. Of course, I am already impatient to know everything that's going on in my new office, but I am giving myself 60 days to get up to speed. There is a whole round of training/orientation sessions I must attend, and I am also doing some refreshers just to sharpen my skills. By the end of summer and the arrival of students, I expect to be running quite smoothly.
Tomorrow morning is my first orientation session. I'll be get a new hire overview and the opportunity to sign up for my employee benefits. I get all choked up just thinking about having health insurance again. I can breathe again. And I'm so excited about reactivating my IRA contributions, I can't even tell you. So I'll keep you posted. But, so far, so good!

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