Monday, April 09, 2007

Nappy Headed Hoes?!?!

You know it really does boggle the mind that it is still so very easy to degrade and disrespect African American women. It happens so often in our culture that it takes a shock, an outside voice to stir the attention of the public.
Right now I am listening to Al Sharpton online prepare to interview Don Imus. I am waiting to read or hear that the NCAA, perhaps Pat Summit and the University of Tennessee, hell Laura Bush, Oprah Winfrey, the NBA, the WNBA have all comedown like a ton of bricks on Don Imus.
I don't listen to Don Imus' radio show, I've seen snippets of his show on MSNBC...that's the extent of my exposure to his 'humor.' But I am aware he has called black athletes "jigaboos" in the past and "apologized" for his 'inadvertent' offense. His actions are neither unprecedented or innocent. And I am waiting for the nation to come to the defense of these young women so that I can finally believe that folks give a damn about black women.
I read that Harvard is holding a mock court of the Dred Scott case, so it seems timely to ask...Do black women have any dignity that American culture feels responsible to respect?

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AnnaC said...

I am heartened to think that the folks at CBS and MSNBC can figure out that they do not want to be associated with the likes of Imus; god knows this is not the first thing he has said that is obscene, demeaning, racist, sexist, etc.

However, if he just gets picked up by Sirius or someone else, then, the battle may have been won, but the war is still in jeopardy.

How do we take a situation such as this and really use it for CHANGE? I am just not sure.