Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How to gain back the weight you lost....

When I'm stressed out sometimes I rationalize having a treat. I don't really have a problem with emotional eating as they call it but I can see how things can spiral out of control.

Now that the semester has started, my favorite dining services cafe is open. Yesterday they had a surprisingly spicy paella with huge shrimp, mussels, and even a little squid. And the squid wasn't tough which is usually my complaint about squid not served as fried calamari...Anyway. Last night, I was still feeling funky. I decided what I really wanted was some mashed potatoes. So I got the bag of frozen-don't open unless emergency-mashed potatoes. Instead of buying quarts of milk and letting them spoil--because I am lactose intolerant and only use milk to cook-- I started buying those little milk boxes that don't need refrigeration. So I mixed two boxes of milk with the frozen potatoes. Because I still refuse to cook...but that too is another topic. It was definitely not the best mash I've ever had. I mean it's really lazy not to mash my own's super easy. But like milk, I stopped buying potatoes because I cook them so infrequently they end up growing eyes. I used excellent portion control with the mashed potatoes. I really just wanted a taste...but since there's milk involved, I can't keep it indefinitely. downfall has been the fact that there is a McDonald's in front of the bus stop. Right in my face when I come home. Last week, I was thinking how empty my refrigerator was and went into Mickey D's. I wasn't observant enough to see the sign that advertised buy one, get one free Quarter Pounders...and ended up buying the new Angus burger (with Swiss and mushrooms). I enjoyed it so much, two days later I went back for another. And today since I waited over 30 minutes for the bus-- I just don't want to ride the train, I decided I deserved another Angus burger. The third one was not as good as the first one. Yesterday, I tossed back a soda and today I had a Snapple. You know over time the calories would really accumulate.

This summer I ate lots of vegetables and ramen. Because it's cheap and because there is hardly any cooking involved. But the fast food is dangerous. There's nothing wrong with a splurge every now and again. But having a huge burger then coming home and sitting on my duff is a really easy way to gain weight. So I'm going to cut it out. Hopefully, my soda craving will also pass.

Today the dining hall was hosting a local Korean restaurant. I had mac and cheese--it always makes me sick after-- and some really spicy beef dish. Yum.

Great meals...But I haven't been eating rice or potatoes all summer. The desire for comfort food in the winter, along with fewer outdoor and physical activity is a perfect storm. But I'm curious to find out if I can keep these pounds off.

OK people. It's past my bedtime. Ambien awaits.


Ms Stella said...

Sounds like you're just in a bit of a rut right now. Blogging about it is good though. If you have to have another angus burger, try eating it without the bun. Just my opinion.

I fell asleep for a few minutes on the couch last night and woke up and by-passed a frig full of fruit to eat a handful of Cap'n Crunch before going to bed.

Meikmeika said...

I agree with you about the Angus Burger, if you keep eating them on a daily basis you will gain weight, unless that's the only thing you're consuming in a day. My boyfriend used to eat one with a coke every other day and the weight just piled on. He stopped and now eats them once every week and he has since lost the weight.

I also agree with ms stella stating that you're just in a rut.. For some reason or another I'm always in a rut and giving in to things I shouldn't be eating all the time...sigh...

I haven't had mashed potatoes in forever... I think I may make some this weekend..Thanks for the idea!!!

As for milk, have you tried soymilk? It won't wreak havoc on your stomach since it's lactose-free, or what about those lactose-free milks?

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Since nursing school has started I've been eating nothing but junk food. I really need to get it togeather before things spiral out of control.