Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deal Alert

I just found an amazing deal on a LeCreuset 5.75 quart oval cast iron dutch oven. They are on sale online at JC Penney for 89.99 -- of course, they are on back order but completely worth the wait. Now I have to decide whether I'm going to keep the 2.75 quart I got last night from Macy's for 79.99 -- also a great price. On the one hand, I would have two...on the other, it's just me, I only need one.
What do you say?

edit-- OK. Completely ignore what I posted the item on sale at JC Penney is for baking. It is not the cast iron dutch oven. It is still a good price, but not what I wanted. So it seems Macy's has the best deal on this one. But I'm keeping my eyes open for the 5.75 quart. Let me know if you see a good deal!


Bygbaby said...

I have this in red & love it!

Renea said...

Yeah, well it turned out not to be what I thought. JC Penney is selling a FRENCH oven, not a dutch oven. Do you have the french oven?

Bygbaby said...

i have the dutch oven & when I go it for suite suzy,i paid over 100 for it.

we have a few other lc items & out friends trip on us because we paid so much for pots. i think it's crazy too but i love the durability & the color.

i think my favorite item we have is the morrocan tagine.