Friday, December 07, 2007

Kara Walker...

Today I was hoping to go to the Whitney Museum--today is pay-as-you-wish admission--but the weather is bad, so I'm playing it by ear. They are exhibiting the work of one of my all-time favorite artists, Kara Walker.

If you will be in NYC anytime before February 3rd, by all means go to the Whitney and check out her installations. If not, there are published images. But her work is really best seen as a large room size installation.

Her images are provocative and bold. There is no way to look at her work and remain unaffected. What I like best about her work and choice of medium is that it puts the responsibility of interpretation squarely upon the viewer. What you see in her work is largely a product of your own beliefs, prejudices, fears, and desires.


Naturally Sophia said...

I appreciate the artist's workbut never know who to truly view it. I have never seen it in person though but the images I have seen in print usually confuse me or leave a big ?. I want to ask the artist what would she like me to see/interpret when viewing her pieces.

Jamericanlocs said...

Thanks a lot Renea, I too have been longing to see Kara Walker's exhibit for awhile now. This cold weather will put a cramp in anyone's style, but I will prevail. Anyone in the NYC area interested in going? Pay what you wish Fridays work for me, struggling teachers can always appreciate a good deal.

Renea what was your interpretation of the piece you on your blog?
I see quite a few images. The first one I saw had a slavery theme. I see a black mother running after another woman (white). She sees her baby being stolen into slavery. This mother sees the future that is ahead of her baby, shovel in hand.

What do you see?

QueenLi said...

I said to myself, "Who is Kara?"
I went to WIKI, and found a link:

Take Care~

Lola Gets said...

The Washington Post had an article about this show. It defenitely looks interesting, but I dont believe Ill be able to make it. There are three exhibits in DC and Bmore that I have been dying to see, and they close this week; Im going to try my best, but I still dont think Ill be able to catch them all! lol