Monday, December 03, 2007

Ha ha ha

When I told Mrs. Claus about my new television, she laughed. "Your television is smaller than your laptop screen!" Indeed. Mrs. Claus insisted I return the television I had and let Santa pay for one at least as big as the one that died. Wow. Thanks Mrs. Claus!
So back my set went. Now I have a bigger one. Just in time for the special holiday episode of The Closer tonight.


Anonymous said...

LOL!! You are too funny!

Renea said...

It's true though. When I was internet shopping all the screens looked pretty adequate. And at the store you're comparing them to each other. But when I got home and sat that sorry little TV on my stand it looked like Charlie Brown's christmas tree. I was all too happy to bring it back!

sunsail said...


Can you hook me up with mr and mrs claus, too??