Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Watching Gram...

I came in at about 1:15-- a long story I cannot tell on my blog--just in time to put Gram back in bed. She was stuck in the guest bathroom convinced she heard me calling her. She said she had gone to the front door and thought better of trying to climb the stairs.
We talked about it. Well I talked. I tried to persuade her she was dreaming. That if she heard me calling her again she'd know she was dreaming because I wouldn't call her out of bed. We pretended that there's nothing wrong with her waking up this way and roaming around downstairs. I made a mental note to get that damn monitor instead of talking about it. I didn't check, but Mom must be sleeping pretty heavy. Then again it's impossible to hear from her room. I tried to take a nap in there Friday or Saturday and it was a fool's errand. In all of this I ended up with a full-sized bed which, of course, means my feet hang ridiculously over the edge. And the mattress is not regular thickness, so I wake up feeling lke the Princess on a Bed of Peas. So I figured I had a good sleep on Mom's queen-sized bed coming. But I never got it because I realized that I couldn't hear Gram from her room. So every time I dozed off, I woke right back up. I never fell asleep for longer than twenty five minutes.
But enough of my griping. I'm glad I can hear Gram. On the one hand, I was a little impressed that she walked herself around so determinedly. At one point last week, I was worried she was going to give up on trying to walk altogether. But I don't like this restlessness. When I told her it was 1:15 she was relieved it was 'so early.' She says she usually wakes up around four. Before she was just laying awake, but now she's on the move. I don't want her to fall or to be tired from not sleeping.
She has a doctor's appointment Wednesday. We have to tell all about the falls and the increased need for assistance. She's still herself, but she's definitely not capable of taking care of herself anymore.

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AnnaC said...

The best thing is that you are there... you can't make everything right, but you can be there.

I wish there were more help to offer than thoughts, prayers and intentions for you, your gram and your mom.