Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fireworks and Photo Theories

OK...I took this fireworks picture at Princeton Reunions. My 15th! I didn't know about the fireworks mode and pointed and hoped for the best. Maybe my batteries are low, but I find there is a long delay between my camera's recovery for another shot. I really need to read that manual.

As soon as I posted those pics yesterday, I figured out why I take so many off center photos! In the ones that are straight on, you can see my most tragic disabilities...I have no eyebrows or chin. ROTFL. It's true! So I think I have unconsciously been framing myself so that my browlessness and chinlessness are less noticeable. We are highly adaptable, complex creatures, aren't we? We find all kinds of ways to protect ourselves...even from the awful But there are a lot more worse things than having sparse brows and a weak chinline, so I'm cool.

Today I WILL wash my hair! I'd really prefer to go to a salon and have someone else do it. But I just need to do it. It can air dry while I go to the library and stuff and by evening it"ll be ready for maybe a SoftSpike set, some twists or plaits. Anything to change it up a bit.

So by tomorrow, it should be hot as Hades in NYC. Ugh. I refuse to buy an A/ these heat waves are a bit unpleasant. There just aren't enough hot days, in my opinion, to justify the purchase. Now in New Orleans you need an A/C from about Easter to Thanksgiving--lol--but here it's needed maybe three weeks total(?) hardly worth the expense of the machine and having to house the thing...Plus I have a standing invite to stay at my friend's cool house in L.I. whenever it's hot. Sweet!. But poor Robi can't go, boo. And she has a fur coat. So eventually I may get something. Maybe another fan would help...

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