Monday, July 09, 2007

Whatever happened to Baby Jane...

I couldn't decide whether on a style. So I started two-strand twisting, got tired and Soft Spiked the back. This is how my hair looked this morning. Immediately I thought of Bette Davis. I am waayyyy too old to wear my hair like this. Over the course of the day, however, the curls will fall on their own. Probably before I get to work. I have to go to the post office and re-park my car before I head to work, by then my hair will have settled a lot better.
Tonight I 'm going to a concert--Slick Rick, MC Lyte and, wait for it......MC Hammer!--lol. Who would miss that? There are free concerts every summer in Brooklyn at Wingate Field. So I'm going to try and make as many as I can. I set my hair for tomorrow's after-work adventure. Shh. You'll have to wait to hear about that. But I'm sure it will be hilarious. Anyhow, since I have the concert tonight, I couldn't use the Soft Spikes tomorrow. I'll just freshen them up. Hopefully, I have the energy to re-set a couple when the concert is done.
OK. Peace people! Stay out of the heat!


brunsli said...

You look great -- did you take the photos from afar? Or is it just that NYC is being good to you?
Your SS setting is about 1000x neater than mine.

Here we go,
Once upon a time not long ago,
When people wore lil’ curls and lived life slow,
When laws were stern and justice stood,
And people were behavin like they ought ta good,
There lived a lil girl who was quite cute,
Had a little cat and this is what she said:
Me & you, girl, we gonna enjoy New York,
Hearin’ old rappers concerts in the park,
They spent the summer, fun came with ease,
But one couldnt stop, they did what they pleased

Renea said...

You are a poet! Heehee. That made me laugh.
I took the pics myself from arm's length. As for setting, being a perfection comes in handy sometimes. I use either diluted Lottabody or extra hold mousse and you absolutely have to tuck the ends in before you start wrapping.

Brenda said...

Aren't some of those old concerts great! I used to go to the ones at Wingate when I lived in Bklyn. They also used to have a few across the street from where I lived in Fort Green Park.

I'm like you also - meticulous about rolling my SS.