Monday, July 16, 2007

Sorry Ro...

This afternoon Ro went to the vet. She's shedding a lot and Saturday she was holding one eye closed. I was worried. Ro is my buddy. She makes sure I get up for work, she greets me at the door when I come back, she sits on the chair arm and watches TV with me...She doesn't have a job or chip in on the rent, but she also doesn't drink the last gulp of orange juice or use up all the hot water in the shower.
Anyway...Ro had her first cab ride and -because I'm trifling-her first bus ride (I didn't feel like coughing up the dough when I have a Metropass).
The vet suggested what I've already been contemplating...that I get an air conditioner. Kitty is just too hot up in here. Sigh. I feel like a heel. Though it's not polite to mention, Ro is of a certain age. I'm in denial about it, but she is getting up there. She's around 12 or 13...shhh. And she's been through too much to have to sit around this hot apartment all day. Sigh. I'm going to find the super and see about getting a window unit.
Ro was not amused about being scooped into her carrier. And I don't know how she felt about the 'pedicure' she got. Girlfriend's claws were long! She got me good on my hand and wrist--typical and I promptly broke out in hives--but now she's neutralized. Funny how docile she was for the doctor though. Hmmph. The vet seems to think that I will have no problem giving Ro a little medicine everyday. We'll see about that...And she's getting an upgrade on her grub.

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