Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's just too hot for makeup. Seriously.

I put an invisible hairnet on yesterday evening to try to preserve my curls. You can see though with the weight of my hair and sleeping on it and lots of humidity, the curls are dropping even in the net.

So after the tease, my fun event was postponed. I can keep a secret so I'll just wait until it happens to describe it.

Instead Robi and I are in here sweating in out because I refuse to buy an AC...I know. Don't say it. I'm going to look up some kitty hotels...the next time there's a heat wave, I'm going to let her get out the heat at least overnight. I feel like a chump watching her slink around in that fur coat.
I read an article about women who use cat fur to knit sweaters. Weird and gross. But I have brushed what must be several ounces of fur off my poor, old, hot kitty. I wish she'd let me give her a shower or something. I figure the least I can do is suffer with her...trust me that's exactly what I'm doing.

So last night I went to Wingate Field in Brooklyn to see the first free concert of the summer. J and I have gone for the past few years. It's always a good time. Nothing but laughs. People are generally in a good mood. And you can't beat the price. Last night's bill...MC Hammer, MC Lyte, Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh. I thought Hammer and Lyte tried to add way too much "new" material. I mean really...it's a Old School thing. I was disappointed with Lyte's set. There must have been some static backstage because she cut her performance short and left the stage. She only did partial verses of some of her songs and kept having the audience recite her lyrics instead of doing it herself. Now I know we are a call-and-response people (heehee) but I want to hear Lyte perform, not the audience. She didn't do I Cram to Understand You...I was steamed. I could have done karaoke at home.

The best was Doug E. Fresh. He is just a really good performer. And even though he also went with the call-and-response thing a little longer than I 'd like and played a few too many of other people's records, all was forgiven when Slick Rick came out to join him. When we left, Doug E. was still going. I have a job though and I am very protective of my sleep now that I'm getting some.

We are going to try and make as many shows as possible. The coup de grace is August 6th when Lauryn Hill herself is supposed to perform. 1) I'm not sure I believe she'll show given some of the reports I 've been reading about her shows 2) Even if she did show, I'm not sure she'll stay on stage...given what I've been reading 3) I am sure it will take forever to get in and I may not be up for going alone...J will be out of town. So we'll see about that one.

Think cool thoughts.

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