Sunday, July 15, 2007

Poolside in NJ

I went to NJ today and hung out by the pool. The water was freezing so I took pictures and laid in the sun all afternoon. It was pretty good especially since I had no idea I was going until today. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to be spontaneous and enjoy the summer. As much as I am enjoying New York City, going to someone's house and laying out by a pool just made me miss having a lawn and a washing machine and more than 500 square feet to live in (I don't think my place is that large even). And it made more all the more determined to achieve my goal...saving a down payment to buy a home. Then I could chill out every weekend!
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Naturally Sophia said...

I give you all the encouragement in the world to buy a home. This is my 2nd year owning a home. I love the freedom and knowing I won't have to rent as I age. Good Luck! I have a wealth of info if you need it. Please e-mail if you have questions. BTW, you look fab. Love your smile.

blaqbeauti said...

ah u were in my state! :)

but anyways, i wish the best for you. i am very sorry about your loss. things will work out in the end!