Sunday, March 26, 2006

50% Photogenic...

So I added a picture of Sam and Nairobi to the end of the last post but I can't seem to get it in...this also marks the beginning of my heartfelt intention to begin regularly--as opposed to intermittently illustrating this blog. One reason I haven't is my technical fumblings. I often can't get things to work as I intend.
The other that bears further exploration, for a variety of reasons, is that I am convinced I am only 50% photogenic at best. From the fuzzy BPM photo, to candids, to driver's license photos, my pictures are either decent or unpresentable. And I have been so self-conscious about my photos (all in the unpresentable category IMO) that I haven't been posting any though I now have a digital camera as well as my Treo on hand.
I am going to take a deep breath and get over that. I am not going to grow a chin and hopefully the peels will improve my complexion, but beyond that, this is my face and I need to accept it.
I notice on the self-deprecating remarks on other people's blogs too. Why are we so hard on ourselves? I think you all are Cutie Pies ala Mode. Sometimes y'all look a little rough around the edges (smile), but always beautiful. I think we need to collectively get over it and accept the fact that we are devastatingly gorgeous and just live with it. Even on a bad day, we are definitely ready for our close ups...and as soon as I put on some makeup, I'll post mine...

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brunsli said...

I'm so happy your cats are back with you!

I solve the lack of being photogenic problem by taking 10 for every 1 photo I keep!