Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Few Random Thoughts...

So I was kneeling over a bowl of vinegar yesterday and either the fumes or the tilt jogged some thoughts loose. When I got the email from Brunsli I had to comment. Isn't it weird that you can find a group of people online and discover a sense of community with them? I mean what are the chances that I would be getting my peels when Brunsli is about to blog about medspas?
What are the chances that I would visit BlaqKofi's blog and she'd be writing about the very haircolor I use?

So I am trying to drag my lazy butt back onto the health addition to the fish oil capsules I have been taking, I got a bottle for straight slugging. Sounds gross, but I'm not going to ingest enough via capsule. I've gotten conflicting advice regarding the benefits of flaxseed oil (plant-based) vs. fish oil. I went with the fish oil. So I'm loading up. I first started taking it last spring when I had the auto-immune tests. Fish oil is highly recommended for its anti-inflammatory properties and its great for skin and it allegedly helps with PMS. So I should probably have a fish oil IV drip.

I am also secretly drinking apple cider vinegar. Secretly meaning I am blogging about it, but can not confess to my parents. My father is addicted to the stuff and I have teased him mercilessly about it. Not that I don't believe its beneficial, but he takes it way too far. He would soak in it to soothe his skin. The bathroom smelled like a hot salad! My mother would use it to clean pots, furniture, whatever. There were literally gallon bottles of the stuff in the kitchen and the bathroom. So I can't tell either of them because they would think they had pulled me over to the dark side.

Drinking diluted, unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar supposedly aids digestion. One website claims if you drink it twice a day for a week, it will kill internal parasites...I promise I won't share any stories about that. There are sites that claim it will aim with weight my dreams! If it does anything, I'll be impressed. My only concern is that I can't resolve whether it exacerbates or aids internal yeast levels. I have a sneaking suspicion I may have a yeast imbalance. But I don't know what to do about it. I can't imagine following the strict diet recommended for yeast/candida problems. No corn! No wine! Yipes! For thirty days or more! Yipes! I had been loading acidophilous tabs, but I don't think that works. I had been eating yogurt, but I'm nt a dairy girl. Even though yogurt is less irritating, I'm just antsy about it eating it. If you know lactose, you know why...Silk makes a 'yogurt' product and drink with acidophilous...So basically I am ramping back up to the healthy changes I had made in my diet last summer when...well you know.

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