Saturday, March 18, 2006

Changing Directions...

There are a few topics that are always at the forefront of my mind and some of them actually get blogged about. And even though it seems I start, then drop, topics in my blog, I keep a tally of all the themes, topics,and tidbits I've introduced. A short while ago, I lamented again that my blog seemed to be having an identity crisis yet again. So I have made a decision. I am going to clear the cobwebs out of my head as I lead into the Sisterlocks Consultant class in April and then I am going to shift the focus of my blog to talking about my hair and its context.
That means I'll still write about all the crazy tangents I usually do, but I will take great pains to write from the perspective of sharing more about my Sisterlocks journey.
The first cobweb...Katrina. I haven't mentioned her name on this page for awhile. It seems almost redundant. My daily life is a reminder of how my life and family has changed by this natural disaster. My parents are separated (physically, not emotionally) and we are all 'homeless' because of it. But we are also knitted stronger together and defiant in its face. We are taking everything thrown our way and making the best of it. No storm will toss us off our course.
Two members of my family that I haven't mentioned in awhile are also due a mention. My cats, Sam and Nairobi.
I had to make the painful, and very difficult decision to leave them behind when I evacuated early Sunday morning before the hurricane. It was not an easy decision to make at the time and these months without them have been very hard. Some people see their pets as people, but we celebrate ours for their cattiness. And they have been sorely missed as a source of amusement, annoyance, and affection in our daily lives. After six months of being without them, I became resigned to the possibility I would never see them again.
Apparently that is not how the story is meant to end! If all goes well, I will fill in all the developments with Sam and Nairobi next Saturday! With pictures. I love a teaser!
I already shared, I believe, that I have decided not to look for full-time employment until my parents are reunited. I am spending my days helping care for my grandmother. If future employers have a problem with that....well then I wouldn't want to work for them anyway. My grandmother (and late grandfather) took care of me with such affection and selflessness, that there is nothing anyone could say or do to deny me the opportunity to reciprocate. My full-time job and first responsibility now is helping my family. In the meantime, I am exploring my new environs, making new connections and, hopefully, building a network for the future. A future that I will live on my own terms rather than those of others.
Which reminds me of FEMA...Oh how I rue talking to them. But I am due to call them and their more pleasant counterparts at SBA.
Today I am in the house, beholding what my peel Thursday hath wrought!
I really like the aesthetician at the medspa and the ambiance and the whole ladies-who-lunch vibe of the drive there. But, and I welcome input becuase it seems like a no-brainer to me, I found a dermatologist's office right here in Warrenton that does the same peel for a LOT less. Over the course of the five recommended peels I would save almost half the money. Can you comparison shop medspas? I've been trying to reach my sales associate to offer them the opportunity to match the other places price. Is that faux pas? I was going to give her the clinic's number so she could verify the price difference. Is that tipping the new place off to raise their prices? Sigh. I am pretty sure it is EXACTLY the same peel. The derm's office is no medspa, but it would be doctor-supervised. It's hard for me not to go with the price leader here. Any feedback?
Once the sun goes down, I'm headed to the supermarket. I hate sunscreen--it leaves this nasty metallic sheen on my face. I'd appreciate recommendations for product that don't do that.
Sigh...Ok enough rambling for now.

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brunsli said...

If you're happy with the peel results, then go with the cheaper place. There is so much markup in the bueaty industry because quality = price somehow and who wants to be the kind of woman to skimp on her face??

As for sunscreen -- I use Peter Thomas Roth moisturizer with SPF 20, I think. I'm just not going to put 2 products on my face. I used to use DDF w/SPF, but it made me break out, so I highly recommend buying it from Sephora or somewhere the first time so you can get a sample first and/or take it back.

I think this is the one I use:

(I'm not at home, and didn't bring it -- Bad Brunsli!)