Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dude, I got a Dell!

Since I started this blog, I 've had intemittent trouble gaing internet access to post. This latest dry spell was caused by hardware trouble. I wrote about taking my computer to a man named Gomer Pyle for service...but the prognosis was bleak and it seemed foolhardy to continue with a computer that was no longer spry enough for my journey.
So I have a new laptop! Strictly speaking it's my first PC. I got my other two PC-based laptops from Anna--it's in the mold somewhere!-- and the last one from The Derrick--bought refurbished, now with a damaged systems board. But this one gleamed right out the packing container.
What did I do while I was out? I enrolled in the April Sisterlock Consultant class in Newark.
And today I went to Reveal MedSpa for a chemical peel. This one was different than the beta peel I had mixed results with a few years ago. But for the gauze pads, I didn't feel a thing. I should experience shedding this weekend. I'm prepared to stay in if necessary. They recommended a series of five, and I was very near paying for the package...but I thought I could do better. I did. I found a dermatologist here in Warrenton that charges signifcantly less. So if I like the results I'll get the rest there.
Why get the chemical peel? Especially when I had mixed results last time...1) I feel like I'm at the age where I need to take care with my appearance 2) I always wanted an improved complexion but wasn't happy with the options available 3) I feel like I'm in a space of overall improvement and general upgrade.

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AnnaC said...

welcome back... glad you're posting again