Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm not squeamish...

but I'm having trouble watching my schlock for tonight. TLC is rebroadcasting a 'special' originally aired on FOX called "101 Things Removed From the Human Body." As I type, I am avoiding the video of the guy impaled on a length of rebar after off a ladder. Ewwww. Now they are showing x-rays of various 'rectal injuries.' Who would stick a jelly jar (with lid) up their butt? But there's the image. Now I understand the thief who stuck a $125,000 diamond necklace up his butt. That's crime. But jelly jars and bicycle pumps?
OK...I feel like a 13 year old boy watching this stuff. But I can't help it..."My advice to anyone who is contemplating inserting a foreign rectal to not do it." Who can turn off a program offering sound medical advice like that.
Sigh...I promise to read a book or something and elevate my discourse.
Meanwhile I did not wash my hair today. I did fast until noon. Maybe I'll keep it up through Lent.
And I strong-armed my own grandmother into the shower. I'm a cold-hearted snake, but I wasn't taking no for an answer. I promised her she'd feel better after and I think she did. Poor baby. I thought she was going to cry at the thought of having to walk to the bathroom. She tried her hardest to sweet talk us out of it. She had gotten to Mom, but I wasn't having it. She DID feel better once I got the hot water running on her and dried her off. And even more so once she was dressed, back in bed, and rid of the two of us for the night. Mom promises to pay closer attention to the monitor since I got up four times last night. I was so tired this morning, I could hardly think straight.
So be easy with me about the reality shows and talk trash. I need a diversion.
To my defense, I got a library card and checked out Colson Whitehead's John Henry Days. I read The Intuitionist and really liked it. I believe I'm still capable of erudite conversation. Maybe I'll order some titles from Amazon tonight. I always wondered why my grandparents didn't have books in the house. It was because of Betsy. Now I have to replace all my wonderful books. Some of them can't be replaced. They were rare editions, out-of-prints. Not to mention art...prints and the like.
Oh, has anyone else tried the products at Lush? I first visited one of their shops in Boston. Last week when Powerball was ridiculously high, I drove to DC to get a ticket and found the Lush store in Georgetown by accident. I got a great mask called Brazened Honey that I have to keep refrigerated. I love Carol's Daughter but whenever I go there--the Brooklyn store at the old Spike Lee location--they are out of the fresh product I want. What's up with that?
Ok, I'm rambling...Maybe tomorrow I'll wash my hair...or not.

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