Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Identity Crisis

I think my blog...and perhaps its having a bit of an identity crisis. There are many topics I'd like to cover but I'm not really sure what note to strike. I could go in any number of directions at any given time or I could focus. There's no wrong answer. But I am aware of the scatterbrained effect of my topic jumping.
That I finally got the monitor for Gram's room. Of course, her first question was how could she turn it off. I hope she doesn't follow up on that for awhile. As far as I can tell she's sleeping soundly. She had quite a busy day. We roused her out of bed a couple hours earlier than she usually gets up. And we double teamed her with wardrobe choices, breakfast options, and marching orders. Rather than go with them to the doctor's office, I decided it would be more efficient for me to run errands. As it turned out, from doctor's office Gram and Mom went to the hospital for x-rays of her hip to see what's going on there. So it's good I went on my own. I went to the Deathstar (Walmart). I know it's wrong. Don't bother chastising me. There's not many options here in town. I got the monitor there and the other household items I needed. Then I went to Home Depot. In the Sunday circulars they had some bathroom safety products featured. I was able to get a bathtub rail and these bars for the commode like seat handles. Hopefully, Gram will feel more confident about going in the bathroom alone when she sees all the improvements I've made.
I also got everyone lunch. Seafood for me and Mom...I fasted until after noon...but Gram got surf and turf. They were relieved that I had hot food waiting for everyone. Then I came upstairs but I'm told Gram busied herself all afternoon reorganizing her bureau drawers. This is why now all I hear on the monitor is her clock ticking.
I think tomorrow will be a good day to wash my hair!

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Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Haven, you are a soldier and looks like you do not have a dull moment throughout the day. :)

Hang tough and get us some more pics of your locks...I dying to see them.