Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm Trying to Do Better...

The truth is I just need some help. I look at other people's blogs--with multiple images and fancy hot links and --as the song goes--all I can do is sigh...
I can't get my AdSense to work. I've been trying since I set up last January (2005, mind you) to get a picture on my profile.
I consider myself a reasonably intelligent human being, with above average reading comprehension and problem solving skills. But I cannot make my blog do what it do...or even what I want it to do.
So, Help!!!!
If you give me some simple tips for posting multiple pictures for starters and how to post pictures from other sites, I'd really appreciate it I only have until Monday to get it together.


brunsli said...
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brunsli said...

When you're blogging from, click on the blue box to add photos. You can do this mulitple times, but each one must be uploaded separately.

When you're blogging from Picasa, you can only add one photo per post. But, afterwards you can add more photos via

Every once in a while, blogger gets moody and it doens't work at all.

miss rogue said...

Hey Renea!

I'd sign up to Flickr and upload your photos there. From there, it's quite simple. You can either blog from Flickr or insert code like the following (copied and pasted when you right click a photo of yours or view all sizes):

'<'img src = "'"' >'
(chopped up for blogger to accept)

into the HTML template of your blog.

I think you're doing fine, though, and I loved the photo of you the other day. ;) Nice hair!