Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Confession: I am...

a shameless consumer! I am a label conscious, trend spotting, vain glorious, eccentric/eclectic, spendthrift! Which makes for some fun, unusual excursions.
Since I have the excuse of replacing all my clothing, I have had the opportunity to re-observe myself in the shopping wild. I am a twisted miss!
My latest conquests were from Target. I buy a large parcel of my summer clothing from Target. This has been my way since I went to graduate school in Los Angeles and discovered I could ride the Blue Bus to Culver City and return with bargains galore. There were no Targets in Rhode Island while I was there, but I didn't have any I wore what I had already bought and dreamed about Target. When I got to Memphis, I picked up where I left off and even increased my habit to other seasons. I can say honestly that some of my favorite clothes, now lost were from Target.
When Isaac Mizrahi started designing for them...let's just say there were a couple of mornings I was outside when Target opened.
I juxtapose that with my new penchant, rack roving at Loehmann's. I had heard of them. But I never lived near one. I have bought all kinds of things there. And I LOVE H&M! Though I am near the end of their demographic...sigh. I saved my H&M suits. They are actually worth altering...
I am a MAC Addict! Nuff said.
I wear both Angel and Alien. God Bless Thierry Mugler!
I go to DSW more than I go to church. And for my ministrations, I got a pair of Prada platforms 80% off. I have no idea when I will get to wear them. But I got them. I'm sure I have something from Target to wear them with...
I have convinced the MedSpa to give me a better price on my peels. Yet I soaked my head today in half a bottle of apple cider vinegar from Dollar General.
When I first got here, my purchases were conservative...Lots of feminine, classic-cut suits. Still not corporate...definitely in danger of being inappropriate at any moment. But demure enough that an interviewer couldn't immediately tell I would be a troublemaker. The suit I wore for a second interview at a very large, very conservative firm, for example, was paired with a black cashmere sweater (from Target!), black pearl studs, Naturalizer pumps...but it (the suit) was lavender(!) in October(!)....The interviewer was openly intrigued, but she couldn't quite articulate my transgression. I'm sure it never occurred to her that half my outfit was from Target...that I would be so brazen as to inquire about a management position thusly attired. But perhaps that's why I wasn't
Is this unusual? This juxtaposition of high and low...this sartorial mismatch...
Friday we're going to the Leesburg Outlets!

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brunsli said...

You're too funny!

I love Target too.

Can you share you secrets for bargaining with your spa? Mine just sent me a coupon for 15% off -- is that all I get for referring 3 people?