Saturday, January 28, 2006

Beside myself...

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with myself today. I should probably look online for a T.J. Maxx. Mom, Gram, and I went for a ride to Falls Church yesterday and ended up at the cheesiest Ross ever. I found a summer dress and another suit-like affair which I supposedly put a moratorium on. How many work clothes does an unemployed girl need? Really. I have more than enough suits and I've already discussed the shoe situation. We found a Loehmann's and I got a dress there...a rather dramatic thing with fur cuffs. It matches the boots I got. What can I say? Sigh...
I am honestly trying to find the dresses I keep going out for and I keep not finding them.
But I need to go out because I need a little space. She doesn't mean to do it, but my mother has been picking for the past three days. I'll point out that I'm agreeing with her, she'll agree I'm agreeing with her but she'll still persist with saying I am 'being difficult' with her. Which I don't understand if I am agreeing.
This morning I've already been to the post office, two drug stores, and the car wash. While I was making one stop, I cleaned all the papers out the car and put the new sticker on the windshield. I haven't eaten. I get home and mom made...beans. Which I hate. Hmmm. Think she's mad at me? Maybe. So I don't know why. But I think I need to take a little drive.
It's hard being in not-so-close quarters I guess. Everybody gets the brunt of each other's emotions. Which, of course, I understand rationally...but I'm not going to volunteer to stay still while it's happening.
And I lost a lock! May it rest in peace. It was nine inches long. I'm not sure why it broke but it's gone. I know some people with thicker, traditional locks sew theirs back in when that happens. I haven't looked at the spot, but I've not ever attempted that. First of all, what would I do about the color difference? I'd have to find thread the same color as my hair. And since this one broke at the root. I guess I'd have to hold on to it until there was enough new growth to attach it. Well, that will take awhile. I'll put it someplace.

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brunsli said...

Rather than thread, you can try using hair. I think you can get a free sample here from here, which will probably be more than enough: