Friday, January 20, 2006

What's wrong with this picture...

I got a "real" digital camera. It is not the one I wanted. And when I returned from the store I find out it is not even the most recent model. So there's a strong possibility I won't be keeping it. But what really gripes me about it is....

Is this how I look?

My forehead is shiny. This is the only shot where my eyes appear open and aren't crossed. And I have no chin...violin lessons are out!

Before I saw this I was happy with my makeup...but I look ashy and uneven and --que horrible-- I have dark rings under my eyes.

All that aside...I like my hair color!...but those roots need touching up. This is the second day after the set. Next time I'll do it damp and use some setting lotion. I must say it's much cuter in and my hair.


AnnaC said...

every time I appear in a picture I feel that way... is that what I look like to others?
not sure what it means... but you are looking at all the details... some of the things you mentioned I didn't see

brunsli said...

Your hair is beautiful!!

And, it looks as though your camera lens distorts the image from so close! If you keep this camera, see if it has a portrait or marco mode.