Friday, January 20, 2006

Is this better?

OK...forgive the bathroom posing studio. I tried again to get some decent shots. One thing is makeup is ashy. The truth may hurt but it's better to face it. And I guess I could live a long life without a chin...
And though I am petrified to cut them. I think I need a haircut. My hair is just shapeless. But I still love that color.

I do my own color with an over-the-counter brand. I alternate shades using one in summer and another in winter. Prior to getting my Sisterlocks I had two bad coloring experiences both ended in tears and major breakage. You'd think I quit. But my natural color is oh...dirt. So I continue. It's important to keep my hair well-hydrated and conditioned. The one that comes with the color does not fit the bill because it has a detangler. Obviously I don't want my hair detangled.

As soon as I figure out how, I'm going to add links to other Sisterlocks sites I've found. It also looks like I could take the class in February and go to J's party. So all I need now is to get my hands on the money. So I can't really blame the camera for my ashy makeup and oily skin, But I'm going to keep checking for the other camera.

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brunsli said...


I was admiring your hair and then I realized that we went to college together!

Please send me an email to brunsli at gmail dot com. (I couldn't find yours on your profile.) I would love to get in touch.