Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Funny you should ask...

So on the left you can see how the spirals came out. Forgive the photo quality. Cell phones are just not good for taking pictures, it doesn't pay to lie about that. And my camcorder has some strange disease. The picture on the right, also awful is how my hair has been looking from day to day, though it was taken before yet another color change.
My verdict: I need to use more rollers. But it's cute. I guess I'm getting sensitive about my age. My first reactions were 1) Awww, these curls are like the cute ones in my kindergarten picture (Now gone, boohoo!) and 2) Maybe I'm too old to have curls like I did in kindergarten. But instead of styling the coils I put a headband on and headed out Red Lobster. I think they're cute. And I'm curious to see how long they'll lest. I also think I may need to go ahead and touch that color up....hmmmm

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