Friday, January 13, 2006

Nascent shoe fetish...

One of the things I regretted about leaving Memphis was leaving the close proximity of the fine purveyors of discount shoes called DSW. Not a one in the New Orleans area. But here in Virginia, woooooohooooo, I can go to DSW whenever I like. I've even hooked my mother and taken J when she came to visit. I just love DSW. So much so that I left the house today with about $6o of reward certificates. Something about the place just excites me. I usually go straight back to the clearance rack where nirvana can be achieved by finding a cute pair of shoes with an 80% off sticker. Like the time before tonight when I found a pair of Prada platforms and some Coach fur-trimmed boots! Wowee! Tonight I had a different strategy. Last time I was there I scoped out a pair of Chinese Laundry platforms-- interlaced strips of mock croc and leather. I figured there were enough pairs in stock that I could wait them down. That's how I got those Pradas on sale. So tonight I went hoping they were marked down but prepared if necessary to use my reward certificate. See, the thing is, you don't want to outsmart yourself. If the store runs out of your size, the deep discount will never occur. So when I got there and saw there was only one pair in my size, I pounced. Likewise on a pair of Coach clogs that I hadn't seen before. Though they were newly arrived the shoe predators had pounced on them like tasty hors d'oeuvres. There were only seven pairs in the shelf...and hooah one was mine. When I heard I could use more than one reward certificate I was ecstatic.
So I'm thinking I need to take pictures of all my shoes---and other wardrobe pieces--and carry them in a little album. This wardrobe building is hard work. The brown platforms I really wanted, but they are very similar to a pair of Casadei pumps I bought--similar because the Casadei pumps are also brown and have mock croc details...but totally different because they are closed pumps, not sandals. So the things I wear with the pumps in winter, I can wear with the sandals in spring and fall. Aww, the joy of shopping has returned.
The clogs are a different matter. They remind me of a pair of clogs I had in the early 90s. Also high-heeled. Except these are really soft and cushy...ask me again though after I actually wear them out--shoes always feel great in the store. The style name is Claude...and according to eBay I got a great deal with the reward certificate.
But my love of shoe shopping must be checked. what I really need are tops...

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