Thursday, January 12, 2006

Personal New Year

So yesterday was my birthday. I am pretty calm, feeling good. I would have even posted, but I was in DC attending an alumni career event. Not the most exciting way to spend my birthday, but I did get to have lunch with T. It was very nice of her to invite me out and I really enjoyed the time and the food.
The career event was also good. This was my second one and once again I left with a positive feeling about folks in the DC/VA area. I have some contacts to follow up on and I volunteered to do some volunteering. I'm ready to start venturing out of fair Warrenton and meet some folks. It is really hard to make a just say OK I'm going to stay here or I'm going to move to New York. Both places seem to have definite benefits.
I am still in the bureaucratic queue so I have to make an executive decision about the Sisterlocks class. The one in February is closest to me and would therefore be easiest to attend. I think I'll call them and explain my situation. Damn FEMA! Who would have thought I'd still be dealing with them. But I am thinking it might be the best idea ever to go ahead with what I've been talking about doing for the past two years.
Speaking of hair, I bent one of my rules and put some unspecified oil in mine. That Hot 6 or Magic 8 oil which I abhor because of the smell and the mystery ingredients. But my hair is so starved for pampering and Warrenton is so devoid of "ethnic" hair products, I took what Walgreens' had and left with my tail between my legs. So just now I was thinking, why don't I just go into the kitchen and use the olive oil? Duh! I forgot how drastically different the climate is "up north." My hair and skin are is constant need of hydration. And now that I'm "of a certain age" I can't just ignore those cries for water.

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